Alexander Königs was born in 1966 in Diemelstadt-Rhoden, Germany. Today he lives and works in Paderborn, Germany and also spends a lot of his time in England.

Having graduated in Art and Geography at the university of Paderborn/Germany he later specialized in painting panoramic maps while still pursuing his keen interest in painting and classical art.

Alexander was greatly influenced by his friendship with the famous Austrian painter Prof. Heinrich C. Berann who he met at the age of 16. Berann was to become his tutor and patron in later years.
Innumerable drawings of nature and excellent observational skills form the basis of his current artistic work (landscapes, portraits and also abstract topics).He likes to incorporate mythological and religious themes in figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures.

Multiple trips all over the world, especially 15 years of intensive travelling and working in Chile have also had a profound influence on his artistic work and furthermore earned him an international reputation as an outstanding painter of panoramic maps.

Apart from his passion for the fine arts he also composes new-age and world-music in his studio.

In Germany he also is well known as songwriter.



Alexander Königs